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Strip shielding, for example alloy ant caps on the tops of stumps under suspended wood floors, can help prevent termite attack. If installed properly, termites have to construct an easily visible mud tube over the cap to penetrate the building.

Chemically impregnated sheets that have a repellent termiticide in polymer film or geotextile fabric held between two polymer films. The termiticide dose is determined by the lifetime of the building. Current examples use either deltamethrin or bifenthrin repellents.

Risk of termite attack to timbers could possibly be decreased by controlling moisture, using resistant timbers (see below) beneath floor level, avoiding contact between wood and ground or using non-timber elements in construction (by way of instance, concrete masonry and steel). But it is notable that research from the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has shown that levels of termite attack are not associated with building frame kind; steel-framed houses can also be attacked because termites find other food sources inside. .



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Certain species of wood, for example Red gum and White cypress pine, are naturally resistant to termite attack. All timber cut from a resistant species will not be equally resistant. Accordingly, these timbers may be utilised in ground contact or to get sub-floor framing, but strip shielding or should still be used to prevent termites reaching the structure above. .

Re-growth timbers of resistant species tend to be less resistant than old-growth timbers and plantation-grown timbers.

Timber treated with copper, chromium and arsenic (CCA) is recorded as a restricted chemical product by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). This restricts the purchase and apply the item, and also the regions where it can be utilized.



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Apart from effective, non-restricted treatments, particularly quaternary ammonium compounds, are gradually replacing the arsenic components and have a similar green appearance.

Termites need food (timber ) and water maintain the humidity within their nests high, and thus, their colony alive. Homeowners can help prevent termite attack by removing these needs.

The department would like to acknowledge the assistance and advice of Don Ewart in the production of this information.

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